Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India

Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India – Wet Cough, Dry Cough, Whooping Cough, Chronic Cough, Chocking, Croup Cough, etc., are some of the common coughs with which people deal frequently in their lives. Depending on the type of cough that the individual experience, choosing an ideal cough syrup is no less than a challenge. If it becomes a problematic situation for you to choose the right and effective cough syrup for your cough type, then the list of 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India discussed below will certainly point you in the right direction.

Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India

While having all the essential medicines at home, a Cough Syrup is a major necessity. There are a plethora of cough syrup brands in the market that claim to be the finest among all. However, it is important to know if the syrup is suitable for your cough type. In order to help you get rid of a terrible and troublesome cough without the occurrence of other side effects, we are here with a list of Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India that are well-known in the Indian market due to their effectiveness and rapid results.


The prime product that comes in the list of Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India is PELBROX-T. This syrup serves as a magical remedy to treat mild to chronic cough. It is a fine amalgamation of three powerful medicines, Ambroxol, Terbutaline, and Guaifenesin that work together to provide instant relief from cough associated with bronchial asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and other broncho-pulmonary diseases. This syrup relieves both wet and dry cough and inflammation that can be caused due to extreme coughing.

Composition: Ambroxol HCI I.P 15 mg + Terbutaline Sulphate I.P 1.5 mg + Guaiphenesin I.P 50 mg Syrup


  1. Thins and loosens mucus.
  2. Reduces discomfort due to sore throat.
  3. Relaxes the muscles in the airways.


Delivered with the brand name PELBROX-LS, this cough syrup is a trusted choice of numerous doctors and healthcare experts due to its strong beneficial properties. This syrup is formulated with Levosalbutamol Sulphate, Ambroxol Hydrochloride, and Guaiphenesin which help in diluting the mucus in the chest and lungs so that it can cough out from the chest easily. Consuming this syrup as prescribed can effectively help in curing sore throat, sneezing, and dry cough.

Composition: Levosalbutamol Sulphate, Ambroxol Hydrochloride 30MG & Guaiphenesin IP 50MG Syrup


  1. Makes breathing easier.
  2. Relieves congestion and nasal discomfort.
  3. Helps in suppressing cough.


Whether you are dealing with whooping cough, dry cough, wet cough, or chronic cough, PELBROX-L Cough Syrup is an excellent choice for you. This Cough Syrup aids in suppressing cough, cold, chest congestion, and other symptoms and provides long-term relief. It helps in improving the overall immunity of the body and combating various illnesses. It is great for treating a wet cough and reducing mucus stickiness by opening the nasal pores. Furthermore, it can also be helpful in treating patients with asthma.

Composition: Ambroxol 15mg + Levocetirizine  0.8mg + Guaiphenesin  50mg + Phenylephrine  5mg Syrup


  1. Soothes pain and inflammation.
  2. Relives itchiness and irritation.
  3. Helps in getting rid of mucus.


Next in the list of 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India is KOSCOF. This suspension helps in treating cough, sneezing, and runny nose caused by the common cold or hay fever. It is a combination of two non-opioid cough suppressants including Dextromethorphan and Chlorpheniramine that relieve cough by restricting the activity of the cough center in the brain.

Composition: Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide 10 mg & Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2 mg Suspension


Get completely rid of pesky cough by moderately consuming one of the most effective cough syrups, KOZIFIED PLUS. This combination medicine of Dextromethorphan, Phenylephrine, Chlorpheniramine, and Menthol belongs to a group of medicines called Cough and Cold Preparations that are foremostly used for the relief of dry cough. This medication is also useful to treat various allergic symptoms including watery eyes, throat irritation, runny nose, sneezing, etc.

Composition: Cetrizine Hydrochloride 5mg + Phenylephrine HCL 5mg + Dextromethorphan Hbr 10mg + Menthol 1.5mg / 5ml Syrup


AMBRODOZ-LS Syrup is one of the Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India that offers an immediate solution to cough and its associated symptoms. It has a non-drowsy effect on the body that dictates the body to not catch drowsiness. This expectorant syrup is also effective for the treatment of asthma, congestion, and other breathing disorders.

Composition: Guaiphenesin 50MG + Ambroxol 30MG + Levosulbutamol 1MG Syrup


Enriched with the fineness of Dextromethorphan HBr, Chlorpheniramine, and Phenylephrine HCL, this cough syrup is a quick remedy for all those individuals who have to deal with frequent coughing problems. It contains immune-enhancing properties to lower the risk of allergies and infections. This syrup can also soothe an irritated or scratchy throat and put an end to constant coughing or sneezing.

Composition: Dextromethorphan HBR 10 MG + Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2 MG + Phenylephrine HCL 5 MG Syrup


Another effective medication considered in the list of Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India is ABITUSS-LS. This syrup is formulated with three potent medicines such as Ambroxol, Guaiphenesin, and Levosalbutamol which together help in treating and relieving cough with mucus. Accurate and regular usage of this syrup can help the user to treat the symptoms of cough rapidly and quickly.

Composition: Ambroxol 30 mg + Guaiphenesin 50mg + Levosalbutamol 1 mg Syrup


This cough syrup can be another effective solution to help you get rid of a pesky cough with ease. With the cogent properties of Terbutaline Sulphate, Bromhexine HCL, Guaiphenesin, and Menthol, this cough management solution can loosen the mucus and improve the respiratory health. In addition, this syrup is generally used to treat excessive mucus in patients with asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) who have a cough.

Composition: Terbutaline Sulphate 1.25mg + Bromhexine HCl 2mg + Guaiphenesin 50mg + Menthol 0.5mg Syrup


Helpful in dry and chronic cough, TAGS Syrup is another cough-relieving medicine that is counted under the list of Best Cough Syrup Brands in India. This syrup soothes a sore throat and relieves discomfort in the respiratory tract. It is made with ingredients that help in eradicating soreness in the throat, pain, inflammation, irritation, and itchiness that come along with cough.

Composition: Terbutaline 1.25mg + Guaiphensin 50mg + Menthol 2.5mg Syrup


These are the Top 10 Best Cough Syrup Brands in India that promise to deliver excellent results for all types of cough respectively. You can pick any of these cough syrups to put an end to your pesky cough. If you want to lay hold on the rich quality Cough Syrup Brands that are best in terms of quality, shelf life, and better results, then come in contact with the Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India, Pax Healthcare.