Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India

Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India – It is always distressing to hear a little one cough. Sometimes, it gets better within days and other times, it lingers for weeks if not addressed at the early stages. There are a number of pediatric cough syrups recommended by doctors and pediatricians that promise to provide relief to children from the trouble of cough. In this blog, we have brought the Top 6 Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India that are highly trusted for the children’s precious health and offer effective results.

Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India

Coughs tend to get worse at bedtime. It is because if a child gets a cold, mucus from the nose and sinuses might run down the throat, causing it to trigger while sleeping. To ensure that the child is having a sound sleep, parents administer cough syrups as syrups are easy for the child to consume and offer long-lasting sustainable effects. In the galore of pediatric medicines in the market, choosing the right one may result in botheration for the patients. Hence, we have curated a list of the Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India to lighten up their stress


The foremost product that comes on the list of Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India is delivered with the brand name PELBROX. This syrup is a fine amalgamation of five medicines; Ambroxol Hydrochloride, Guaiphenesin, Phenylephrine, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, and Menthol. This combination of five medicines helps the kid to get relief from cough. This syrup reduces the stickiness of airway secretions, allowing them to be more easily removed from the airways.

Pros of PELBROX Syrup:

  • Relieves allergic symptoms of watery eyes & sneezing.
  • Calms out the stuffiness of the nose.
  • Relieves minor throat irritation.


With the rich properties of Levosalbutamol Sulphate, Ambroxol HCL, and Guaiphenesin, this pediatric cough syrup helps in relieving the cough with mucus. Levosalbutamol in this syrup is a bronchodilator that performs by relaxing the muscles in the airways and widening it. Ambroxol is a mucolytic that thins and loosens mucus (phlegm) to make coughing easier. Guaifenesin is an expectorant that reduces the stickiness of mucus and aids in its evacuation from the respiratory tract.

Pros of PELBROX-LS Syrup:

  • Helps with cough and congestion.
  • Boosts the immunity.
  • Relives sore throat.


At number three in the list of Top 10 Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India, we have PELBROX-T. This syrup is specially formulated with three cough-relieving medicines namely Ambroxol HCI, Terbutaline Sulphate, and Guaiphenesin which work by treating the cough associated with mucus. The medicines present in this syrup together help the child to breathe easier without any congestion in the airways. Moreover, this syrup also promotes the sound health of the child’s immune system.

Pros of PELBROX-T:

  • Helps in eliminating the cough.
  • Calms pain and irritation.
  • Makes the child’s breathing easier.


AMBRO-DOZ is coming up next in the list of Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India. This combination of pediatric cough syrup of Ambroxol, Terbutaline, and Guaiphenesin decreases the frequency of coughing. It helps in loosening up mucus and calming a sore throat that comes along with a cough. This syrup works best for both the wet and dry cough and offers rapid results.

Pros of AMBRO – DOZ Syrup:

  • Unclogs and relaxes a stuffy nose.
  • Eases out headache and pain.
  • Loosens mucus in the lungs.


If you are looking for an effective remedy for your child’s cough that offers results within days, try out one of the Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India, KUFZOR. This pediatric cough syrup improves the airflow through the nasal passages and helps the child to sleep better, without any trouble. It works by blocking the cough reflex that gives a rise to excessive cough. Moreover, it may aid in the removal of mucus from your airway as a result of a child’s cough.

Pros of KUFZOR Syrup:

  • Eases out breathing.
  • Stops sneezing and runny nose.
  • Does not contain any side effects.


Moving forward in the list of Top 6 Best Cough Syrups in India, TAGS – L is considered one of the best cough solutions for children of all age groups. This syrup is best for dry cough in kids that works by breaking up phlegm that allows the child to cough out easily. It comes with the rich properties of a bronchodilator, an expectorant, and a mucolytic agent that helps in fighting the chemical messengers that promote persistent and distressing cough.

Pros of TAGS – L Syrup:

  • Provides relief from nasal discomfort.
  • Alleviates throat irritation and sensitiveness.
  • Effectively manages the respiratory system.

Final Words

These are the Best Pediatric Cough Syrups in India that allows clearing the annoying cough in the child without any side effects. You can choose any of the above-mentioned cough syrups for your children without risking their health. On the other hand, if you want to work with premium quality pediatric cough syrups, then connect with the leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company for Pediatric Range, Pax Healthcare.