Which are Most Demanded Pharma Product Categories for PCD Franchise Business?

Indian Pharmaceutical market is expected to be in the top 10 global markets in value terms by 2020. The pharmaceutical industry has been entrenched itself at domestic as well as international levels. Over the last five years, the pharmaceutical industry has expanded at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 15 percent. It has created several golden opportunities in every aspect like employment, improving healthcare facilities, business opportunities, etc. Undisciplined and unhealthy standards of living increase the demand for pharma products in the market.

Undisciplined and unhealthy standards of living increase the demand for pharma products in the market. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable and high-earning sectors with low investment. India is ranking 3rd number by volume and 14th by value. Indian companies carved a niche in both the Indian and world markets with their expertise in reverse-engineering new processes for manufacturing drugs at low costs which became an advantage for industry. The most demanded pharma product categories for PCD Franchise business are discussed below.

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List of the Highly Demanded Product Category for Franchise

The demand for pharma products under different categories is rising at full tilt. The major categories which have largely affect the pharma industry with great demand are – General Medicine Range and Gynae Range. Needless to say that the healthcare sector is now touching the sky. People are massively spending on it. Despite all the profit margin, there are some product categories getting huge attention. These products are the need of the pharmaceutical industry for since long. If you willing to commence franchise business then find out the list below.

  • Gynae Medicine Range– The demand of gynae medicine range has been increasing day-by-day with the rising chronic disease and other factors. This particular product category deals with the treatment of disease-related to women’s reproductive diseases as well as their well-being. Thus, it is an unavoidable product category, taking major attention to the healthcare market.
  • Orthopedic Products– Due to the poor quality of food consumption people face problems like joint pains, backache, and many similar issues. These health problems can be treated through the orthopedic medicines range. Thus, it is another medicine with countable demand.
  • Cardiac-Diabetic– Heart problem is not very common due to the worst oil quality and maximum consumption of fast food. Around 68% of people, who lie under 60 to 65 age group die due to heart disease. As a result, it can be medicines with massive demand.
  • Derma Medicines– With the increasing pollution and poor air quality, people are facing skin problems in large numbers. These problems affect the overall appearance of people. This is the reason why the derma industry is growing at pace.
  • Ayurveda Products- India is an evolving country but still somewhere people rely on ayurvedic products for good treatment of their health problem. Herbal and ayurvedic product demand are high from the very outset.

As a result, if you are willing to invest in this industry then choose any of the above-mentioned pharm product categories to carry forward your business. It can be rewarding in the most efficient manner.

Reason for the rising demand of the Healthcare Products

There are several reasons affecting the demand of these medicines.

  • Rising income: As the income of the individual is increasing, they are not focusing on their health. However, they are more into 9 to 5 jobs which creates various health issues. To come out from this situation people use many medicines and take advantage of the healthcare centers as well the medicine to get rid of things like depression and other mental illnesses.
  • Medicines awareness: Individual is not aware of their health as being said in the above paragraph. They are more into their day to day lives which creates many health-related issues.
  • Emerging digitalization: All the sequences take part when the word comes digitalization. Being providing value to the global, digitalization has the biggest disadvantage to human mental health. People are not aware of what they are doing with health. Actually, smartphones and other digital media platforms such as Facebook or any other social media website have the biggest disaster to human mental health.
  • Governmental influence: the government is not influencing the people to take advantage of it. AS many people are not conscious about there health. Many individuals are only thinking to commence the pharma business at there own level which is a good thing and needed to be considered.
  • Smooth supply: Well, in this part, it will be always clear that when the supply for the product is increased than the demand is also increasing. Whereas, if the demand for the product is increases but the supply cannot fulfill the demand then the prices of the product will increase which affects the middle-class person.

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