PCD Pharma Franchise in Mizoram – Pax Healthcare is a fast-growing Pharmaceutical Company based in northern India. The Company is among the best-suited companies for PCD Pharma Franchise business. With over 500 formulations and more than 1200 associates all over the country, Pax Healthcare is the best choice for the pharma franchise business. The Company is engaged in the development, marketing, exporting and third art manufacturing of pharma products. Pax Healthcare is now offering its PCD Pharma Franchise in Mizoram, so if you want to start your business then this the best opportunity you have.

With the increasing demand for quality and affordable pharma products, the scope for PCD Pharma Franchise is huge. Even the government is supporting this sector so that patients could get affordable products and the healthcare sector could improve. Our PCD Pharma Franchise in Mizoram is the best chance for you to the part of the top pharma company and run a successful business in an industry with low investment.

PCD Pharma Franchise in Mizoram

Start your business with Top Pharma Franchise Company ‘Pax Healthcare’

Pax Healthcare is the best pharma franchise company committed to the quality and time to provide beneficial services and make efforts to improve the healthcare sector. The company is fully integrated with high-tech machinery and advanced technology. Our products are best as they are made after good R&D by the experts. Pax Healthcare makes sure that all the pharma franchise partners get the equal opportunity to grow their business.

Range of Molecules and it’s quality at Pax Healthcare for PCD Pharma Franchise

Pax Healthcare provides a wide range of high-quality molecules at absolutely affordable prices so that everyone could get easy access to our producers. That is the reason that our formulations are great in demand. Pax Healthcare ensures to produce the effective and latest molecule that will be able to meet the market demand and help in the patients to lead a healthier life.

The quality of our products is best as they are manufactured in the production unit which is best suited and has environment condition that supports quality manufacturing. Apart from this Pax Healthcare has a quality management team; this team ensures that we take high-quality raw material for manufacturing. This team also keeps a good check on the manufacturing at every level.

Here is the list of product categories available with Pax Healthcare:

  • tablet
  • injections,
  • capsules,
  • syrups,
  • soft gels
  • protein powder,
  • ointments creams,
  • ayurvedic products

Target Location for PCD Pharma Franchise in Mizoram by Pax Healthcare

Pharma professionals and entrepreneurs of Mizoram has got the best opportunity for the growing and profitable business in the pharmaceutical sector. Pax Healthcare provides you a chance to start your business in the industry by investing in the PCD Pharma Franchise business. We are offering franchise district wise with the unique monopoly rights to help our associates to deal well with the competition.  Pharma Franchise business provides you an opportunity to work freely under no pressure. You can start your business with a low investment which will also reduce the risk.

Here are our target locations for PCD Pharma Franchise in Mizoram:

  • Aizwal
  • Kolasib
  • Khazwal
  • Champai
  • Lengpui
  • Thenzwal
  • Saitual
  • Mamit

What benefits Pax Healthcare offers to its PCD Pharma Franchise Associates?

Pax Healthcare offers the best business opportunity to its associates this which makes the company best choice for the investors. The company works in order to provide mutual benefits. Pax Healthcare believes that mutual benefits lead to a great partnership which is great for the success of PCD Pharma Franchise business. We provide the ethical business opportunity to the pharma professionals and assist them with the entire process of the pharma franchise business. We are able to meet the customer’s requirements because of our outstanding team of experts.

Mentioned below are some benefits of associating with Pax Healthcare:

Manufacturing – Our whole production of formulations takes place in the excise duty-free zone thus, our prices are low compared to others in the market. The production unit is WHO and GMP certified well equipped with advanced equipment and technology.

 Transparent Dealing – Our pharma franchise partners rely on us for the best business opportunity the reason is simply transparent dealing. We deal transparently with our associates provide them with the complete details about the business.

Promotional Backup – Pax Healthcare provides complete promotional backup to all its associates at free of cost. It includes the promotional kit which has tools like visual ads, broachers, visiting cards, MR Bags, Gifts for doctors and many other things.

Our Compositions for PCD Pharma Franchise in Goa

We offer our best products through franchise business. We ensure you, that for our medicines you won’t face any problem. Here we will share some of our quality compositions:-

  • Ginseng Extract Powder-21.25 mg + Ginkgo Biloba Extract-20 mg + Citrus Bioflavonoids-12.5 mg + Green Tea Extract-10 mg + Grape Seed Extract-50mg + Garlic Powder-2 mg + Lycopene 10% Dispersion-2 mg + Methionine-22 mg + Glutamic Acid-20 mg + L-Cysteine-2.5 mg + L-Lysine-10 mg + L-Carnitine L-Tartrate-2.5 mg + Niacinamide-15 mg + Vitamin C-12.5 mg + Vitamin E-10 mg + Choline Bitartrate-10 mg + Inositol-10 mg + Calcium Pantothenate-5 mg + Vitamin B1-1 mg + Vitamin B2-1 mg + Vitamin A-0.32 mg + Vitamin B6-0.5 mg + Vitamin K3-80 mcg + Folic Acid-50 mcg + Biotin-30 mcg + Vitamin D3-5 mcg + Vitamin B12-0.5 mcg + Iron-17 mg + Zinc-12 mg + Potassium-10 mg + Chloride-9.07 mg + Calcium-5 mg + Manganese-4 mg + Phosphorous-3.86 mg + Silicon-2 mg + Copper-1.7 mg + Boron-1 mg + Nickel-130 mcg + Iodine-50 mcg + Selenium-35 mcg + Vanadium-10 mcg + Tin-2 mcg)  ( SAME AS ULTIVITOL-5G )

These are some samples. If you want see our detailed product -portfolio then visit our official website and can contact us. Details are mentioned below.

Contact Information

Name – Pax Healthcare

Address – SCO-177,Top Floor
Sector 38-C, Chandigarh,160036

Phone Number – +91- 9216325808

Email Address – paxhealthcare@gmail.com