What is the difference between ethical, PCD and generic pharma sectors?

What is the difference between ethical, PCD and generic pharma sectors?-  Pharmaceutical Industry is quite big. There are lots of small enterprises and sector inside it, which are in the prime focus. Amongst all the area, Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma Franchise are the major ones. We all know that the medicine has the never-ending demand in the market. There are lots of people even in India who are surviving on medicine basis. For them, the regular supply of medicine is quite essential. Along with this, the Pharmaceutical industry is directly linked with the economic growth of the Nation, which is another factor that increases the popularity of the Pharmaceutical business sector. There are many other factors like, which are affecting the value of the pharma industry.

Among all those factor Ethical, PCD and Generic Pharma Sector are one of them. These are the three marketing methods which are included in the pharmaceutical business sector. If you want to introduce yourself in any of these terms then you are wondering to know the difference between ethical, PCD and generic pharma sectors?. In this article, you will get the best answer for your query as it is written by the industry experts.

What is the difference between ethical, PCD and generic pharma sectors?

To know the detailed information about these terms goes through the below-mentioned heading:

PCD ( Propaganda-cum Distribution) 

Initially, you should know the concept of PCD Pharma Franchise before knowing the difference between the Ethical and Generic Pharma Sector. PCD Stands for the Propaganda-cum Distribution that means a type of sector in which a pharma company signs a franchise agreement with an individual or group of people. In this marketing agreement, a franchise holder gets the authority to use the domain name of their associate, marketing distribution rights etc. An individual, who want to start up a firm in this particular region needs to invest the low amount. Moreover, the marketing and promotional costs will also be provided by the pharma company only. Thus, it is the good business sector for young entrepreneurs. The good thing about this particular business sector is you don’t need to establish premises or hire the multiple staff for executing your work.

Generic Pharma Sector

In this Generic Pharma Sector, the generic medicines are formulated by a pharma company and directly sell to the retailers with the help of the distribution channel and support of the sales representatives. Generic Drugs are equal to the brand name products. This is one of the factors that is making the Indian Pharmaceutical market so popular. These drugs are largely formulated in India. Many other companies from abroad are also into selling generic drugs but due to their high prices, they fail to make the high price. So people are more into purchasing the generic from India.

Ethical Pharma Sector

Ethical Pharma Sector is a type of sector in which medicine is promoted with the help of Medical Representatives.  There are lots of marketing techniques and methods that MRs used to promote a specific drug range with the doctor. With the help of their own networks with many leading doctors, hospitals, and medical clinics, they help in generating leads to the pharma products.


There are major differences between these three terms but all of them worked for the same industry and also the nature of their job is same that is to do marketing of their products by applying lots of marketing strategies and all. The profit returns in all these pharma sectors would be the same as they are closely linked with the pharmaceutical industry. The pharma industry is at the top presently. No matter, in which pharma sector you are going to be in. Almost every one of them will bring the fruitful result for you.

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