P-Worm- Albendazole Oral Syrup
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P-Worm- Albendazole Oral Syrup


Brand Name: P-Worm

Composition: Albendazole Oral Suspension IP


Brand Name: P-Worm

Composition: Albendazole Oral Suspension IP

Albendazole Oral Suspension IP is a pediatric solution formed by Pax Healthcare. It is an anti-parasitic medication that prevents the formation of worms and reduces their growth by immobilization. The solution works best for parasites such as ringworms, hookworms, whipworms, threadworms, and pileworms. It helps in reducing the inflammation caused by such worms.

Albendazole Oral Suspension IP belongs to the category of ‘anthelmintic’ which means the drug that acts as a barrier for parasitic worms to enter. The parasites are importantly caused by drinking unclean water and at times it is mainly caused by stale food. Though the parasite infection is mostly found in non-vegetarians. The infection can cause severe problems and can affect the lifestyle of the person in an extreme manner.

Albendazole Oral Suspension inhibits tubulin polymerization. This lowers the energy levels of parasites thereby, causing immobilization. It, therefore, kills the susceptible helminth while curing the infection.

Medicinal benefits of Albendazole Oral Suspension IP

There are numerous advantages one can get with the use of the solution.

  • The aid helps in the prevention of parasites.
  • Regular use of drugs can completely cure the infection.
  • The aid specializes in the treatment of neurocysticercosis, an infection caused by pork tapeworm.
  • It also cures the infection related to cystic hydatid disease for which dog tapeworm is responsible.
  • Its medicine also exhibits ovicidal, larvicidal, and vermicidal activity.
  • The use of solution further leads to the inhibition of tubulin polymerization, which responsibly causes the metabolic disruption that further depletes the energy levels.

Consumption Guide for Albendazole Oral Suspension

  • The consumption of the medicine will entirely depend on the guidelines of the doctor as it’s a pediatric solution but one needs to follow some instructions.
  • The child should only be given the marked quantity on the dropper.
  • Do not overdose on the medication even if the dose is missed.

Precautions with Albendazole Oral Suspension

A person needs to follow certain precautions.

  • Do not overdose on the medication in any case.
  • Consult the doctor before consumption.
  • Follow the guidelines of quantity suggested by the doctor.
  • Don’t let the child hold the solution.
  • Take care of the hygiene of the child.
  • Drinking clean water.
  • If a worm infection occurred then it is best to avoid non-veg food.

The Side Effect of Albendazole Oral Suspension

The aid has its own side effects.

  • One may notice a change in behavior.
  • Conditions of diarrhea can occur.
  • There might be a severe condition of vomiting.
  • There are chances that a child won’t be able to digest food.
  • One might face the flu symptoms.
  • Children may suffer from extreme stomach pain.


If the child is allergic to the salt, discontinue the use of it.
If the side effects produce severe effects then it is necessary to visit the doctor.
Do not ignore the body changes.
Regular usage may lead to liver functioning disorder.
The aid can only be consumed by children above 2 years old.

Drug Indication for Albendazole Oral Suspension IP

Albendazole Oral Suspension may have interaction with anthelmintic, corticosteroid, antacid, and anti-asthma. Kindly consult the doctor before use.


Albendazole Oral Suspension IP comes in vacuum packaging with a quantity of 10 ml infused in a glass bottle at a price of INR 14 only.

Note – Albendazole Oral Suspension IP is for external use only.

Storage- Albendazole Oral Suspension IP is stored in a cool and dry place only away from sunlight.