PELDIS- Disodium and Hydrogen Citrate Syrup
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PELDIS- Disodium and Hydrogen Citrate Syrup





Disodium+Hydrogen Citrate Syrup  is the composition of the medication belonging to the brand Pax Healthcare which is available in the market as PELDIS, used for treating kidney stones and renal tubular acidosis. When the acid is not ejected by the kidneys in the urine then the problem of renal tubular acidosis occurs. Due to the non-ejection of the acids, the blood remains too acidic. Kidney stones are the hard layers that form inside the kidney that are made up of salts and minerals. The stones in the kidney occur due to several medical conditions including improper diet, and excess weight, etc. 

The composition of PELDIS Syrup helps in curing renal acidosis and kidney stones by making the urine less acidic. With the help of these compositions of the syrup, the excretion of bicarbonate ions is increased, also the pH of the urine is increased with the intake of this syrup. 

Medical Benefits of Disodium and Hydrogen Citrate Syrup

The construction of the medication is beneficial in treating renal tubular acidosis and kidney stones. As a urinary  gastric antacid, the patient provided relief from the pain that is caused due to kidney stones. The intake of the ingredients of the syrup helps in the growth of the solubility of cysteine in the urine. With the help of PELDIS Syrup, the urine becomes less acidic. The composition of PELDIS Syrup helps the person in providing relief from the infections related to the urine. 

Directions For Use

The composition of PELDIS Syrup is available in the form of syrup. For measuring the PELDIS Syrup the patient is advised not to use the household spoon. The PELDIS Syrup is to be measured with the spoon that is available with the pack. The doctor will prescribe the PELDIS Syrup according to the medical condition of the person. 

Side Effects Of Disodium and Hydrogen Citrate Syrup

Although after the intake of the composition of the  PELDIS Syrup, the person gets the relief there are certain common side effects that may or may not occur. Following are the side effects of  PELDIS syrup  that may or may not occur :

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Safety and Precautions 

During the treatment of  PELDIS Syrup if the person feels they should take the precautions then he/she should consider them in a serious manner. To make the composition of the  PELDIS syrup effective the precautions that are to be considered are as follows 

  • Before the intake of the  PELDIS syrup, you should carefully read the ingredients and if you feel that you are allergic to them then you are advised not to take the syrup
  • Before the use of  PELDIS Syrup, the person is advised to tell the doctor about his medical history including the high levels of potassium, high blood pressure, low blood calcium levels, and kidney dysfunction.
  • It is prohibited to consume alcohol if you are taking PELDIS syrup.
  • Before the consumption of the PELDIS  syrup, the woman is advised to tell the doctor if she is pregnant. She should consult the doctor and should use the PELDIS Syrup only if recommended. 
  • There is no certain information available on whether the person should drive the vehicle or not during the treatment of PELDIS Syrup, if the person does not feel any type of sleepiness or drowsiness then only he/she is advised to drive.