LEVLIME- Levlime herbal liver Syrup
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LEVLIME- Levlime herbal liver Syrup



Levlime herbal liver tonic is the formulation of Pax Healthcare that is helpful in the treatment of various liver diseases like fatty liver, and loss of appetite. This herbal solution is available in the market in the form of liquid syrup. Additionally, it provides relaxation from the symptoms like fatigue, weakness, weight loss, jaundice, and abdominal discomfort. Fatty liver is a kind of health situation in which the size of the liver increase due to fat in the cells of the liver and causes some harmful effects on the health of the patient. On the other hand loss of appetite is a health situation in which patients feel a lack of appetite.

Levlime herbal liver tonic is a combination ayurvedic drug which is made up of natural ingredients and all these compositions make the medication free from side effects. Its herbal elements include Bhringraj, Rohtagi, Punarnava, Giloy, Bhui Amla, Katumar, Kasni, harad, Makoy, Nagarmotha, Viavidang, Haubher, and Base sugar. All these natural herbs are very useful and play a crucial role in the treatment of fatty liver. Additionally, this ayurvedic medication is improving the overall well-being of health. Usually, this herbal syrup is safe to use but some patients may feel some side effects with the use of this medication, and these side effects include upset stomach, and gastrointestinal issues.

Patients or users should use this herbal medicine with the recommendations of ayurvedic practitioners. A professional doctor will recommend this medication for use after minoring the health situation of the patient, if patients have fewer symptoms of diseases then the doctor will prescribe a low dose of medication. The user can consume the Levlime herbal liver tonic with or without food. If any patient discontinues the medication in between the treatment then he can face the withdrawal symptoms. Never use this medication without the recommendations of the doctor. Avoid the use of alcohol with this natural combination medication.

Product Description

Brand name: Levlime

Manufacturer: Pax Healthcare

 Composition: 10 ML Contains BHRINGRAJ 900 mg ROHATAGI 900 mg PUNARNAVA 900  mg   GILO  800 mg   BHUI AMLA 800 MG  KATUMAR  400 MG KASNI 1000 HARAD 400 mg MAKOY 500 mg NAGARMOTHA 500 mg VIAVIDANG 200 MG HAUBHER 500 mg  Base Sugar Q.S. (Ayurvedic Liver Tonic)

Country of Origin: India

 Packaging Size: 200 ml

 Packaging Type: Carton

 Type of Medication: Ayurvedic

Form of Medication: Liquid/ Syrup

 Treatment: various livers disease

 Usage: Medical/ Clinical

 Category: Liquids

 Price: 120

 Prescription or Non-Prescription: Prescription

 Key Ingredients

All these natural ingredients are mostly used to manufacture medications for treating various diseases. These herbs have their own healing properties and treat liver disease. Every patient should know about the use of these ingredients, and here are some brief explanations about the natural composition of all ingredients of this medication.

Bhringraj: it works by detoxifying the liver, and formation of liver cells, and treating the symptoms of the disorder with hepatoprotective properties.

 Punarnava: This natural drug is known for its diuretic properties and it helps the patients by reducing harmful toxins from the body to support liver function properly. Additionally, this herb is used by traditional Indians for treating severe kidney disease.

Giloy: this is hat natural herb that works with its antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, and it is useful in the treatment of liver disorders.

Bhui Amla: this natural ingredient is traditionally used for liver disorders and is known for its hepatoprotective properties, and It regulates liver function and helps in detoxification in the liver.

Katuki (Katumar): This ingredient manages the proper function of the liver with its antioxidant property.

Kasni: This herb is also known as chicory, and is used for treating liver function with its hepatoprotective properties.

Harad: This herb is related to the category of  Terminalia chebula, which helps patient I digestion with its digestive and detoxifying properties. Additionally, It supports liver function and improves the immune system of the patient.

Nagarmotha: This natural or magical ingredient is used to treat various liver dysfunction in patients, and it has hepatoprotective properties. It works by detoxification of harmful chemicals in the body.

Viavidang:  It has hepatoprotective and digestive stimulant properties, and this useful herb is used by ancient people for treating liver disease symptoms.

Base sugar: this ingredient is a kind of sugar, which is used as a base ingredient to make the medication tasty, and this sugar does not have any negative effects on the liver.

Main Features of  Levlime herbal liver tonic

  • This herbal medication is hundred percent pure
  • These are cost-effective medications
  • Patients feel no side effects with the use of this ayurvedic drug
  • Best composition