POLO-R – Ofloxacin 50 MG Rececadotril 15 MG/ 5ML
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POLO-R – Ofloxacin 50 MG Rececadotril 15 MG/ 5ML


POLO-R Ofloxacin 50 MG+ Rececadotril 15 MG/ 5ML 30 ML 95.00

Ofloxacin + Racecadotril Suspension – This suspension is specifically for pediatric use which contains two effective medications, Ofloxacin and Racecadotril. The combination of these two medications makes a suspension that is given to the babies for conditions like diarrhea. It is named POLO-R at Pax Healthcare.

Ofloxacin belongs to a class of medicines called fluoroquinolone antibiotics that come in the dosage of 50 mg for children. Its working mechanism is related to stopping the growth of bacteria and treating a variety of bacterial infections.

Racecadotril is an intestinal antisecretory enkephalinase inhibitor that comes in the dosage of 15mg/5ml for the treatment of acute diarrhea. It works by reducing the hypersecretion of water into the intestines.

How to Give Ofloxacin + Racecadotril Suspension to Babies?

Before giving this suspension to the child, take proper instructions from the doctor or pediatrician about the dosage of the medication. Give this syrup three times to the baby at regular intervals until diarrhea stops. Do not give it for more than 7 days without the recommendation of the doctor.

Points to Take Care of While Giving the Suspension to Infants

  1. Keep the baby hydrated for better results.
  2. Consult the doctor if the baby’s diarrhea lasts for more than 48 hours.
  3. Make sure the doctor or pediatrician knows about the other medications taken by the child.