Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus
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Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus


Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus are from the analgesic drug group used to treat mild to moderate pain. These veterinary tablets help in relieving pain, fever, inflammation, and swelling associated with various chronic (long-term) conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis (joint pain, especially in the hands and feet) and osteoarthritis (joint pain, especially in the knees, hip, neck, and lower back.

Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus is a combination of Nimesulide, Paracetamol, and Serratiopeptidase. Nimesulide and Paracetamol are painkillers that help in relieving pain. They work by blocking the action of chemical messengers responsible for pain, fever, and inflammation. Whereas, Serratiopeptidase is an enzyme that works by breaking down abnormal proteins at the site of inflammation and promotes healing.

Disclaimer:- We do not recommend Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus.

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Medicinal uses of Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus

Following are the advantages of using  Olmesartan 40mg + Chlorthalidone 12.5mg Tablets:-

  • Relieves from pain- These tablets are used to manage pain associated with injuries, surgeries, and chronic conditions like arthritis.
  • Helps during Inflammation- These tablets are effective in reducing inflammation in various conditions, such as musculoskeletal disorders, post-surgical inflammation, and other inflammatory diseases.
  • Post-surgical recovery- Helpful in managing pain, inflammation, and fever following surgical procedures, enhancing recovery.
  • Cure infections- Serratiopeptidase helps in curing infections by reducing inflammation and improving antibiotic effectiveness.
  • Recovery from fever- Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus help reduce fever in animals, improving their comfort and recovery time.

Drawbacks of using Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus

Monitoring for side effects plays an important role. Always consult your doctor/physician before consuming any medicine as it can harm your skin and body organs. Some of the drawbacks of this drug are listed  below:-

  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhea

If you are already consuming these drugs do not overdose as it may lead to worsening of side effects. 

Drug Interactions of Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus

You are advised not to take this drug before or after you take any other medication. If done so, drugs can interact with each other and can leave adverse effects. Some of the drug interactions for Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus are:-


Precautions  before consuming Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus

  • Consumption of Nimesulide, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Bolus can make the cattle feel tired and sleepy. If you have any past medical history regarding liver or kidney disease, talk to your doctor before consuming these tablets as it can affect you.
  • In case your cattle is lactating, consult a good veterinary doctor before starting the dose for these tablets.
  • Talk to the vet if your cattle have any liver or kidney-related issues to prevent any adverse effects. Doing so will result in reducing the effect of this medicine and will harm your liver.
  • Do not overdose on these tablets as it can result in worsening the condition of the cattle. The dosage and safety depend on the particular animal species and its health condition.

Storage advice

You are recommended to store this syrup in a cool dry place or at your room temperature below 30°C. Keep it out of the reach of pets and children. Do not store any drug in moisture, direct heat, or sunlight.