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COMPOSITION:Mifepristone-200 mg + Misoprostol-200 mcg) Combikit of 5 Tablets Pkg Type: BLISTER Packaging: 10 X 10

Mifepristone (OPT-OUT KIT) is used in the early part of a pregnancy to cause abortion. Used up to week 10 of pregnancy. Mifepristone blocks a naturally occurring substance (progesterone) needed to continue your pregnancy. It is commonly used in conjunction with another medication called misoprostol.

If you have a rare unusual pregnancy outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy), mifepristone should not be used. In this case, it won’t cause an abortion. It can cause a rupture of an ectopic pregnancy, leading to very severe bleeding.

Contact with your Doctor

If you have certain medical conditions or other problems, this medication should not be used. Consult your doctor before using this medicine if you have one of the following: certain blood disorder (inherited porphyria), IUD (intrauterine birth control device) in place, pregnancy longer than 10 weeks, undiagnosed abdominal growth (adnexal mass), certain adrenal gland disorder (chronic adrenal failure), bleeding disorder (e.g., coagulopathy).

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