Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg
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Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg


Brand Name: Lezopax

Composition: Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg


Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg – Linezolid comes from a group of antibacterials known as oxazolidiones. It is used in the treatment of severe bacterial infections including infections of the lungs (pneumonia), skin, and soft tissues. This antibiotic gives quick relief to such serious bacterial infections as soon as the user consumes it. These tablets are available with the brand name Lezopax, manufactured and delivered by the Best Linezolid Tablets Manufacturer, Pax Healthcare.

An antibiotic Linezolid works by stopping the growth of bacteria that is a causative agent of serious bacterial infection. It restricts bacterial growth by preventing the synthesis of essential proteins that are required by the infection-causing bacteria to perform their significant functions.

Brief Guidelines for the Correct Usage of Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg

To get fully cured of serious bacterial infections, the user is advised to keep certain things noted while using Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg which are as follows:

  1. Do not take this medicine to treat infections other than bacterial infections as using antibiotics when absolutely not needed increases the risk of getting an infection afterward.
  2. Follow a special diet with Linezolid 600mg Tablets if recommended by the doctor to prevent a serious high blood pressure reaction.
  3. Continue to take this medicine until the full prescribed dose is finished, even if the symptoms fade out after a few days.

Safety Precautions

To remain on the safer side, the user must take certain necessary precautions while consuming Linezolid 600mg Tablets. Consider the below-listed precautions while you are on the treatment course of this medicine:

Alcohol Consumption: Consumption of alcohol during the course of treatment of Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg can lead to unusual effects on the body. Thus, it is advised to avoid any kind of liquor to get the best benefits from this medicine.

Allergic Reactions: Before taking Linezolid 600mg Tablets, make sure to notify the doctor if you are allergic to Linezolid or other oxazolidinones.

Food Interactions: Avoid foods and beverages while using this medicine that is high in tyramine such as fermented foods, dried meats, and sausages, soybean products, aged cheeses, etc. Consult the doctor to know other foods that contain high amounts of tyramine.

Medical History: People who have a medical history or presently dealing with Blood or Bone Marrow problems including low RBCs, WBCS, Platelets, High Blood Pressure, Overactive Thyroid, Tumor Conditions including carcinoid syndrome, pheochromocytoma, etc., should inform the doctor about their health conditions while the doctor prescribes Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg.

Side Effects

Linezolid Tablets IP 600 mg may cause some mild side effects but the symptoms will fade away once the skin gets used to the medicine or once the treatment is finished. Any inappropriate usage or over usage of this medication can result in the following side effects:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Nausea
  4. Headache
  5. Decreased Blood Cell Counts

Most of these side effects do not require any urgent medical attention. But, in case these side effects persist for long or your body develops any rare or uncommon side effects, contact the doctor or healthcare expert.