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Fluconazole is an anti-fungal salt used in a tablet called Fluzip 200 mg manufactured by Pax Healthcare. The salt helps in the treatment of all the skin irritation and rashes that are caused by the reaction of fungal infection. These infections are caused by the presence of yeast and fungus on the areas of the body that are more prone to sweat such as the underarms, and genitals which are home to bacteria, under breasts, stomach inner thighs, and other parts too. If even a single flake formation occurs on the skin, the infected cells divide too quickly resulting in the cause4 o9f spread of the infection of the entire body.

Any kind of skin infection related to fungus and yeast can be treated with the use of Fluconazole salt. This is used in the quantity of 200 mg which makes it a heavy dose for regular consumption, hence whosoever is facing the issues is requested to use the medication but in a suggested quantity only that must not affect the other parts of the body such as causing digestive issues, the occurrence of constant nausea. 

The active ingredient found in the drug is Fluconazole which is a steroid hence the usage has to be limited and also prescribed. One cannot take the medication on his own, different videos have different symptoms and the spread of infection also varies, therefore every precaution is just and compulsory. 

Compositional Mechanism of Fluconazole Tablet 

Fluconazole is an anti-fungal salt that is composed of active ingredients called microcrystalline cellulose, dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous, povidone, and croscarmellose sodium. Each ingredient is used with a measured quantity. The drug is safe to use but may cause side effects, hence consult the clinician before usage.

Medicinal Benefits of Fluconazole Tablets

The medicine serves plenty of benefits if used in an appropriate amount.

  • Cures skin rash.
  • Cures fungal infection.
  • Provides relief from the inflammation of the skin.
  • Reduced skin irritation.
  • Reduces the redness in the affected area.
  • Reduces the number of affected cells.
  • Inhibits the growth of flakes caused due to fungus and yeast formation.
  • May also be used for people in preventing candidiasis and coccidioidomycosis which occurs due to cancer radiation therapy.  

Dose requirement for Fluconazole Tablets 

The dose required for the tablets has to be under the control of a dermatologist. The recommendation and the usage will entirely depend on the condition of the spread of infection. Overdosing will not cure the problem but may lead to adverse effects.

Side Effects of Fluconazole Tablets 

If the pharmaceutical aid is used on a regular basis, it will produce some side effects.

  • Nausea can be caused.
  • Extreme conditions of skin irritation may occur initially.
  • Sleep patterns may be disturbed.
  • Change in taste will be noticed.
  • Headaches can be caused.
  • Dizziness can be caused.
  • Diarrhea may occur.

Precautions with Fluconazole Tablets 

There are some necessary precautions that one is advised to follow.

  • Do not touch the infected area.
  • Do not overdose on the tablets.
  • Do not scratch the infection.
  • Wash the clothes separately to prevent the spread of infection.
  •  Do not consume tablets if you are pregnant.
  • The tablets are not for pediatric use.
  • Discontinue the use if the desired results are not visible.
  • Complete the course.
  • Inform the doctor if any new allergy is noticed.


Keep the Fluconazole Tablets stored in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Note – Fluconazole Tablets are for external use only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How long will the course of the Fluconazole Tablets last?

Answer 1.  The duration of the course will depend on the spread of the infection.

Question 2. Can the Fluconazole Tablets also be used for other skin allergies?

Answer 2. Fluconazole Tablets are made only to cure fungal and yeast infections, do not use them for any other skin problems.