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Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets | Bilapax-M


Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets- Human bodies are allergic to certain compound or foreign particles when any of these enters in the body then the body suffers form side allergic reaction because the immune system of the body start producing certain chemical messenger which tries to stops that compound and foreign particle in the process it causes allergic reaction. To treats such kind of allergic reaction we need effective anti-allergic medication and this Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets. It is very effective in treating allergic.

This medicine is combination of two different compound one is Bilastine and other is Montelukast and these both are different types of chemical properties which helps in providing relief from different symptoms of allergic reactions. This medication is based on chemical formulation which is why you should ask for proper prescription form your doctor while administrating this medicine in you body and this medicine is in the form of tablet so right way of administrating this drug is oral do not take this medicine from any other route.

Mechanisms of Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets

The medicine is normally formulated by using complex API form of certain chemical that is not normally absorbable and to make this solid medicine absorbable the biocatalyst enzymes work on the solid of the medicine and break the complex API in simpler form and then it gets absorbed on the stomach’s surface then it gets distributed throughout the body after its start its mode of action that is mentioned below.

Bilastine- This chemical composition acts as H1-receptor antagonist which helps and this chemical is a very every effective anti-allergic medicine. This medication inhibits the immune system reactions by doing that inhibits the histamine which causes the allergic reaction.

Montelukast- This chemical composition falls under the class drug of leukotriene receptor antagonists which is very effective in inhibiting leukotriene activities. Leukotriene is substance that produces mucus from lungs due to that is causes inflammation and swelling and this Montelukast helps in providing the relief from these symptoms.

Benefits of Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets

There is a therapeutic level for the mediation when you are available to maintain right amount of drug concentration in the body then these are some of the benefits that you can get form this medication. This medication treats and provides relief from these symptoms of allergic reactions.

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Congestion
  • Stuffy nose
  • Watery eyes

Side effects of Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets

This is chemical based drug and such chemical can react with other chemical in the body that cause some effects. Sometimes incidentally we cross the therapeutic effects level of the drug in the body with may cause some side effects. These are some of the side effects of Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets.

  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Sleepiness, dizziness, and weakness

Direction for using Bilastine & Montelukast Tablets

  • Follow doctor’s prescription
  • Do not chew and crush the tablet
  • Store medicine is a cool, dry, and dark
  • If you are taking any of other medication, ask you doctor before starting this medication